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Small towns on main arterial routes are often known by name and by certain obvious characteristics. King William’s Town is such a town, but one of the characteristics which is not immediately obvious because of its situation off the main road, is Dale College.

A small detour from the main road will bring one into the vicinity of the campus. Read more......


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23/10- Grade 10-12 Exams Begin





Vacant Headmasters Post

Please click on the following link to view the OPEN EDUCATION POST BULLETIN VOLUME 5 with regards to the vacant Headmasters post.

Interested candidates should have all relevant documents delivered by 23 October 2018.


Good Wishes (The Headmaster: Mr Eddy)

May I take this opportunity to thank all staff most sincerely for their hard work and input this past year. May you have a peaceful and relaxed break and return well rested and ready to tackle 2018 with all its challenges

To all Dalians and their parents as well as supporters of Dale, enjoy your break and the Christmas Festivities with your family. To all who are travelling over this period, please take care on the roads.


2019 College Prefects

Headboy: Kwazokuhle Paraffin
Deputy Headboy: Ikho Putini

Nabeel Adam
Canzi Luthando Bell
Rakhir Bharat
Jonathan Espanol
Thanda Gqokro
Jaylon Hamann
Zolisa Kondile
Oliver Cody Liwanag
Nathi Lolo
Nande Lucas
Kamvelihle Mathenjwa
Ntumekelelo Mihlali Mbambisa
Babalo Mbolompo
Josh Andrew Turner
Teacher In Charge: Mr Sawuti

Congratulations and all the best gentlemen!